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How to prepare yourself for the newborn photo session at your own home?

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

How to prepare yourself for the newborn baby photo shoot at the comfort of your own home?

I try to schedule my photo sessions for about 10.30, which allow me to make the most use of the natural light available at your home. An ideal scenario is when you have a large window or balcony door in your home, however it’s not always the case and when the window is small , I am prepared to use my artificial lighting.

The temperature in your home should be much warmer than usual: I would suggest it to be around 25 degrees, which should be just perfect! For us adults it can be often too hot, however it will be comfortable and nice for the baby!

Prior my arrival, I would advise you to loosen the baby’s nappy and swaddle your bundle of joy in his or her favorite blanket. It will take me about 15 minutes to set up my mobile studio at your home and prepare everything for the session. It would be great if you could feed your baby in this time.

My visit at your home can be quite long. The photo shoot can last anything up to 4 hours or even longer! I only schedule one session per day so I can fully dedicate my time and energy to your baby.

And importantly, please do not worry and relax. Even when your baby becomes fussy I will allow plenty of time for setting, feeding and cuddles. The happy and comfortable baby is my priority during the photo shoot. I will take a good care of your precious baby.

And last important factor: do not worry about the state of your house! You just had your precious baby and the last thing you need is worrying about the look of your house. I have been there myself and I am aware that tidying up is often the last thing on your mind.

Below, you can see few examples of the photographs that were taken at the clients’ home using the natural light only.

If you have any about the newborn baby photo shoot experience at your home please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me:

Marta from Martina Photography x

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