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”Enchanted” Bluebells flowering in Derby and on location photography.

Isn’t it amazing feeling to be embracing spring time with all your senses ? To our joy, the nature creates beautiful displays of fresh plants and gorgeous colours. Did you know that one of the greatest blooming nature wonder in the UK happens during springtime? I am talking here about beautiful Bluebells: bell shaped blue flowers which flower only in April and May. United Kingdom has the finest bluebells in the world!

In Derby and its outskirts we are blessed to have several beautiful places, where you can spot magnificent Bluebells. They can be found in many nature reserves or woodlands. Actual Bluebells areas could be found on: website which will guide you where to go to find them.

Today I wondered through little wood and spotted beautiful flowering trees, but as you can tell, my main research subject were Bluebells. I cannot tell you how much I love photographing them. They create amazing blue carpets which are perfect natural backdrops. As in the previous year I am going to organise mini Bluebell photo sessions so watch this space

Below you will find few photographs from today’s Bluebell hunt.


Martina Photography

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