Children Photography

Natural Light Children Photography in Derby.

At Martina Photography my aim is to capture your children's own personalities and their inner world. I create emotional and truly passionate portraits.  My photo session isn't only about creating photographs of your children, but as well about having fun and connecting them with the natural world . I often title my collections: ''The Children in Enchanted Garden'', because most of my portraits were created among beautiful flowers and meadows.


I cover Derby, where I know many amazing and suitable places for the location photo sessions. My favourite type of portraits are created outdoors, where I can utilize the beauty of the surrounding natural world and work with natural light.


Don't feel dishearten by the British weather! Many amazing portraits were created during rain, fog and colder days. It all adds incredible charm to photographs!


Please get in touch with me if you would like to book your child's session or if you have any questions.